Re: Opinions and Woes

why don't you do the building in the apartment, and take it outside for
testing - you can get a car battery driven inverter for about $30 US or make
one, and then you can drive to a parking lot and experiment, then come back.
Your roomates will never understand, don't try to explain unless they ask.
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>Well, I've just had a blow today, wondered if anyone had any ideas. My
>flatmates suddenly turned on me after havving helped me for the last few
>weeks and said I wasn't allowed to do any testing in the house because
>they were 'scared of burning the place down'. I have showed them all the
>safety info, made up a contract that says I will never go to over 500
>Watts indoors or 4 foot spark length, contains over 20 saftey
>precautions and guarantees about interlocks and deadmans' switches,
>replacing fuses in the house should they blow, and they won't even read
>it. They asked me if I wanted fries from the take away and just left
>them on the top of the stairs without telling me - when I found them an
>hour later they were stone cold! I have tried to be as cooperative and
>informative as possible and yet it seems my only option is to move out.
>I try to explain the skin effect to them, and the fact that dissipation
>as sparks leaves little energy for TV interference, but they 'shut off'
>after about two sentences and won't let me finish the explanation. They
>asked me to get a lock-up or workshop but I can't afford the rent. On
>top of this I have realised that my cap needs to be six times as large
>as I'd first thought and will cost me packets. I think I might have to
>give up even after weeks of labour and over UKP 600 spent.
>What can I do or say? Would anyone be willing to explain that someone
>experienced with high voltage (ie induction coils, lasers, high power
>xenon strobes, Jacob's ladders, RF inductioon heaters, high power valve
>amplifiers and the odd Cockroft ladder , and even a failed attempt at a
>Marx Ladder) is capable of doing this thing without endangering life?
>Just someone who has coiled and operated (even at reduced power) in
>their lounge with no large fires or explosions resulting? I feel a bit
>piqued considering I just spent another UKP 100 on a CO2 fire
>extingusher to make them happy.
>Alex Crow,
>Not-so-happy coiling