Re: Elementary Inductance.

  Jimmy -

  Much of this information you are looking for is given in my three books.
There are also many graphs that help you select the proper parameters for
different size coils. You don't even have to do the calculations if you use
the JHCTES computer program. It calculates inductance, coupling, coil self
capacitance, operating frequencies, and 30 other tesla coil parameters.
There is no other program like it presently available.

  You can also get the information free from the Tesla List but not the
graphs, JHCTES program, test circuits, etc.

  I am sending you a flyer by separate email.

  John Couture


At 10:40 PM 3/21/99 -0700, you wrote:
>Original Poster: "JimmyD" <jim_del-at-email.msn-dot-com> 
>I know this is an elementary question, and that it may have been answered
>before on the list but,
>In _lay terms_ , what determines the inductance in a coil?
>The diameter, the height, the guage of the wire, the number of turns or the
>length of the wire?
>In tesla operation what is the relationship of the primary to the secodary?
>The guage? The number of turns? The diameters? The heights?