Re: vacuum pump

Tesla List wrote:

>         Have often wondered if a water aspirator of this type would be OK for
> the kind of evacuation being discussed here, but worried over the vapor
> pressure of the water vapor in the "vacuum" line.  Freeze trap would
> take care of that, I guess.  Wonder if you have any thoughts on the
> matter.
> Ed

You can buy an enexpensive venturi vacuum generator that will do the trick. 
can either get one from Graingers or from many auto parts places.  They sell
for air conditioner work.  on 100 psi air pressure it will generate about 29.5"
of vacuum.  The auto parts one I have cost $50.  The beauty is that if you're
pumping something nasty (water, oil, munge, etc), there is nothing in the pump
get contaminated or wear.  No moving parts.


John De Armond
Neon John's Custom Neon
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