Re: PET and Mylar + PE bottles

> Original Poster: "chris morgan" <crmorgan-at-hotmail-dot-com> 
> We're doing organic chemistry in my chem 2 class right now and today we 
> watched a video on polymers.  It fetured the invintor of the plastic pop 
> bottle.  He sai that the meterial used was basicly two layers of 
> polyethaline with the molecular chains perpandicular to each other.  He 
> referered to it by its systematic name, which I don't remember, and then 
> abrieviated it "PET".  I rembered from some of the messages in the list 
> archive that this is the same as Mylar.  So I looked up Mylar in a big 
> reference book during my lunch break and I found that PET and Mylar are 
> the same, but the PE stands for polyester not polyethaline.  So what I'm 
> thinking is that these are two different polymers that have the same 
> abrieviation, can anyone confirm/ disprove that?

I think you'll find that PE does stand for polyethylene and that PET 
stands for polyethylene terepthalate which is in fact mylar (du Pont 
trade name).