Re: flyback transformers


Fair Radio might be the people to contact.  
>From their site:
FLYBACK TRANSFORMER f/ tube-type TV. 5 V input yields 1300 V 80 KHz
output. Style
varies: 1 lb. #FLYBK-96, $4.00 

(one would hope the 1300V/80 KHZ are typos) Site is:

Tesla List wrote:
> Original Poster: "Ken Donnell" <bigken-at-a.crl-dot-com>
> Does anybody know an off-the-shelf source for the old-style flyback
> transformers that didn't have diodes and suchlike molded on the secondary
> coil (or is there a way of shorting out these diodes to get AC out...)?
> I've tried searching for junk TVs, but no luck--seems nobody throws away
> anything that old around here (south California).
> Thanks,
> Ken Donnell