Re: flyback transformers

to: Ken

Yes, Resonance Research manufactures some "modified" old color TV flybacks.
They are 6 inches in dia and will run on either 12 VDC with an oscillator or
up to 24 VDC with a MOSFET oscillator.  Output is a steady 23 plus kV of RF
and over 32 kV DC at 2 mA with rectifier.  They use a high quality molded
exterior and feature a standard 14 turn primary coil (center tapped) with
also a center tapped 4 turn "tickler" coil if you use a feedback type
oscillator circuit.

Contact me off-line for more information or thru our website via webmaster
at www.ResonanceResearch-dot-com.



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Subject: flyback transformers

>Original Poster: "Ken Donnell" <bigken-at-a.crl-dot-com>
>Does anybody know an off-the-shelf source for the old-style flyback
>transformers that didn't have diodes and suchlike molded on the secondary
>coil (or is there a way of shorting out these diodes to get AC out...)?
>I've tried searching for junk TVs, but no luck--seems nobody throws away
>anything that old around here (south California).
>Ken Donnell