Re: tapered secondary form?

Hi Mad, All,
    For a 14+ACI- diameter by 54+ACI- form I get approximately 23.4 pounds and
1282 turns for the number 18 and 29.7 pounds 1022 turns for the number
16 using magnet wire.

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Thank everyone for the feedback,

I will most likely plan on using lots of nylon bolts and epoxy. For
everyone who wasnt sure, my secondary (when the two pieces are
assembled) would be 14+ACI- diameter by 54+ACI- tall. I am not sure but just
two pieces way about +AH4-10 lbs, and that much magnet wire (probably +ACM-16
+ACM-18) will most likely be 20-40 lbs - I am not sure, perhaps someone
the weight/length value of the wire? So if anyone doesnt think that
will be too heavy, I will go ahead with the glue and nylon bolts.

Tristan Stewart (KC2EBM)

+AD4-You definitely do not want any metal inside your coil. I don't recall
+AD4-the size of your buckets, but what worked for me was hot melt glue. I
+AD4-put together a 6.5 inch secondary using plastic paint buckets (1
+AD4-gallon). They are utra thin polyurethane, so I figured it be good for
+AD4-low RF loss. I ground off the handle catches with a dremel, then used
+AD4-the hot glue in between each of the five buckets, as glue oozed out,
+AD4-scraped it with wide blade screwdriver (while it was still hot). This
+AD4-held very well, and I haven't had any problems with coil+ACE-
+AD4-Hope this helps+ACE-
+AD4-P.S. (for you coilers with tight budgets, this is a cheap, quick form
+AD4-for secondary - you can get them free from a painter or for a couple
+AD4-bucks new.)
+AD4-Bob Volk
+AD4APg- Thanks, Bert, for the response. I was starting to think the same
+AD4APg- Putting the bases together may also make it easier to connect the
+AD4APg- together. This brings up my next question, which is: any
+AD4APg- on how to affix the two halves together? I assume you dont want any
+AD4APg- metal of any sort in the center of the socndary? I also assume that
+AD4APg- judging the size of the coil it will most likely be heavy and epoxy
+AD4APg- alone may not be sufficient. Does any have any tricks they use?

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