Re: tapered secondary form?

Wow! Big secondary. Nylon bolts/washers are definitely the way to go. 
Shouldn't be too heavy, wire supports itself, especially after you seal
it up with poly.

Good Luck!
Bob Volk

> Thank everyone for the feedback,
> I will most likely plan on using lots of nylon bolts and epoxy. For 
> everyone who wasnt sure, my secondary (when the two pieces are 
> assembled) would be 14" diameter by 54" tall. I am not sure but just the 
> two pieces way about ~10 lbs, and that much magnet wire (probably #16 or 
> #18) will most likely be 20-40 lbs - I am not sure, perhaps someone has 
> the weight/length value of the wire? So if anyone doesnt think that this 
> will be too heavy, I will go ahead with the glue and nylon bolts.
> Thanks,
> Tristan Stewart (KC2EBM)