Re: Started winding today....

Mike, my secondary is just over 6.5" in diameter with a H/D ratio of 4. This
should make it abour 26 inches long, somewhere around 950 turns with 0.71mm
wire. I have got just past halfway today and it's not looking tooo bad -
although there is a slight ridge on one side where my rolled polystyrene
former has buckled a bit - buut this is maily in the centre of the winding
so I hope it won't promote discharges from the coil....


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> > I started winding my secondary today - my primary is nearly done, too,
> > although working that copper tube is much tougher on the hands and arms
> > than 0.71mm wire! I decided not to bother with a motor, so I made a
> > half-box (ie three sides) which clamps the secondary former just enough
> Hi Alex
> What is the size of your secondary coil.
> ie number of turns and H/D ratio.
> See you in may in corby
> Cheers Mike Tucknott
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