Re: PE-rolled cap construction

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>Original Poster: Chris Tominkson <internetinbox-at-yahoo-dot-com> 
>Right now I am making rolled Aluminum Flashing / Polyethelyne
>capacitorsand I just made a mistake: I cut the flashing but I forgot
>to cut out a tab for the electrical connection. Can anyone think of a
>good way to still make the connection without using any sharp objects
>or taking away from the total area?

Roll the form on a small diameter piece of PVC pipe, say 0.75" for a 4" pvc
outer form.  Cut a slot in the tube so the al flashing slots into the inner
pipe.  This is now relatively isolated from the roll form and I used
pop-rivets to a strap cut from the flashing roll.  Caps now over 1 year old
and OK.  Likewise, you can use a strap and rivetts for the outside
connection.  Just make sure you have the "rounded heads" facing the roll
proper and place an extra layer (or 3) under the heads.