Re: tapered secondary form?


Some time ago, someone posted a method to heat weld two containers
together.  He just poked a hot soldering iron through the two container
bottoms numerous times, and said it made a strong joint.  Best to use avoid
breathing the fumes if you try this.  Another method would be to use a
handful of nylon screws and nuts.

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> Subject: Re: tapered secondary form?
> Date: Wednesday, March 17, 1999 5:25 AM
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> To Bert and other coilers,
> Thanks, Bert, for the response. I was starting to think the same way. 
> Putting the bases together may also make it easier to connect the two 
> together. This brings up my next question, which is: any recomendations 
> on how to affix the two halves together? I assume you dont want any 
> metal of any sort in the center of the socndary? I also assume that 
> judging the size of the coil it will most likely be heavy and epoxy 
> alone may not be sufficient. Does any have any tricks they use?
> Thanks,
> Tristan Stewart (KC2EBM)
> >Hi Tristan!
> >
> >>From an electrical and performance standpoint, it shouldn't really
> >matter very much which way you go. From a practical perspective, I'd
> >recommend putting the larger ends at the top and bottom. This will
> >permit easier mechanical assembly (bottom-to-bottom of the trashcans),
> >will provide an insulating barrier in the middle of the coil to reduce
> >the incidence of internal flashovers, will reduce "sliding" of the wire
> >since any movement will be towards the common midpoint of the coil
> >instead of the ends, and the larger diameter at the top will reduce
> >e-field stress. Mounting them the other way would give you an
> >interesting barrel-shaped coil though!  
> >
> >-- Bert --
> >
> >
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