Re: I'm new... can anybody give me a hand??

Tesla List wrote:

> Original Poster: "Robertson Family" <grobert1-at-tampabay.rr-dot-com>
> Hi all!
>     I am a fifth-grader with a great passion for science.  I am new to the
> tesla list.  Could someone possibly send me a few plans for tesla coils that
> are simple enough for a first-timer?
>         Steven

  First of all, look through all the archives and you will get a few ideas on
what's needed. Then look through all the sites on the Tesla Coil ring to see
how other people have done it. Sorry, don't have the adress, but if you look
with a search engine it should come up, or at least somewhere with a link to
it. I would recommend "(another) Corey's Tesla Coil" - this shows a medium size
coil which is like the one I am building, with nice sparks to boot. It is a
long job (and can be expensive) - I have spent more than 6 weeks on it so far
after work and at the weekends and I'm only just starting my secondary coil!
I have also managed to spend about 500 on it so far (including new tools).
Sorry, but for me to try and describe the process in this posting would take me

Anyway, my hints would be -

1. Good tools
2. Patience
3. Enough space!
4. Lots of sandpaper
5. A household that don't object to sawdust all over the place, very loud arcs,
drilling hammering and days and days of varnish fumes!
6. Strong hands (or paracetamol!) to cope with all the chopping, bending and
winding (or a winding motor if you're lazy)
7. Music and TV for the boring bits (ie winding - yawn...)
8. LUCK!

take care, and ****read the safety sheet**** - you get a shock off several
kV at 60Hz and you will know about it - or maybe you even wont (ie instant
cessation of life-forces)

may the spirit of Tesla be with you

Alex Crow