Re: 813 tube tc coil

At 10:41 AM 3/15/1999 , you wrote:

>    David, the length of the spark , you mentioned in the post, is measured
>with             somekind of toroid or only the electrode at the top of the
>Because with this last type of measurement I obtain 5" on 3X807 tube TC
>at only 700Vac plate voltage with a tetrode connection.
>P.S I've seen your site it's very beautiful.
>If you have not yet seen the mine you can look at
>Happy Sparking


Yes I did use a top load, about 3.5 inch tall and 2.5 inch diameter with a
sharpened nail for the discharge point. Sounds like pretty good performance
for such a low-voltage tube, especially at only 30 watts plate dissipation.
Perhaps you could detail it for everyone. I assume that two 803's could do
much better than 7 inch discharge in a well designed coil.


David Trimmell