Re: Info about Leybold (was:Re: Good Deal? SURE !!)

This is GREAT info! I like the simplicity of this idea because I can
still use everything in the power supply and run it as designed (well,
close enough!). Thanks for the URL's, they are very self-explanatory
although the top URL would not link to graphics.

Thanks for the idea!

> Bob,
> One other thought - you can "generate" 3-phase power quite simply from
> 1-phase power by means of a rotary phase converter. These are sold
> commercially, or you can build one yourself from a large surplus 3-phase
> motor. A while back, Kristian Ukkonen posted a couiple of sites which
> explain exactly how this is done:
> http://web.wt-dot-net/%7Ehmsc/phconv/phconv.htm
> http://www.loganact-dot-com/mwn/howto/ph-conv/ph-conv.html
> Good luck on the monster supply!
> -- Bert --