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No, those are electrolytic DC filter caps.  A "doorknob" would be between
the HV DC diode - after the flyback - and between the rectifier diode and
the picture  tube.  In older Zeniths it is in the metal mesh "cage" with the

The flyback can be used as a small 10-15 kV DC power supply with a current
rating of 1/2-1 mA.



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Subject: Doorknob caps...

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>I took apart an old Zenith the other day and the only thing close to HV
>caps I could find was 2 caps rated at 470uF and 200V (dosn't say AC or
>DC)Are these doorknob caps?  If not, what should I be looking for?
>These look like rolled caps, and mesure 1" diameter by 1 1/2" high.
>Also, what can I do w/ the flyback transformer?
>Chris, via the inter-thingy
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