Re: Two Papers

to: John

If you want to forward it along to me I will print it out on my laser
printer and send it to Harry.

Did Harry say he was retiring?  If so, I missed the proposed date for the
last issue?



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>> heise.zip - Word 97 - "Tesla Transformers" by Von Werner Heise  1964
>>       Terry
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>Thanks Terry,
>I believe Harry Goldman of TCBA is looking for a good quality copy
>of the Heise paper.  If someone on the list has a good printer and
>would like to send Harry a copy, I'm sure he'd appreciate it (I only
>have dot matrix).  He's not
>on the internet as far as I know, so it would have to be snail mailed to
>him.  You might want to check with Harry first to see if he already
>obtained a copy though.
>John Freau