Re: Info about Leybold (was:Re: Good Deal? SURE !!)

Boy, the cumulative knowledge on this list is incredible! Thanks for all
the suggestions and ideas on how to use my "vacumn deposition power
supply". I'll be taking pictures and posting to website soon, and will
keep you apprised of what I do with this setup.

Kudos to all who responded!
Bob Volk

> Hi Malcom, all
> >Original Poster: "Malcolm Watts" <MALCOLM-at-directorate.wnp.ac.nz>
> >Leybold is the German firm which manufactured the experimental
> >demountable trasnformer I've seized to run my coil at work here
> >(educational you understand ;)  It is an excellent little performer
> >and I think Leybold's eyes would pop out of their heads if they saw
> >it running a 4' high coil throwing sparks over four feet (compares
> >rather well with their benchtop candlestick model :). Being a c-
> >core type, it has a lot of leakage L so is ideal for running a coil.
> >Reinhard, can you get a handle on that company (url, address,
> >anything?).  I'e like to contact them and find out what they
> >currently produce and how much it costs.
> Sure, I remember Leybold from our physics lab in school. I always
> loved the two extreme (low voltage, high current or high voltage,
> low current) ratios. My physics prof sure didn´t always like what
> I did to the Leybold transformers. I loved to ignore the printed
> ratings :o)). They ARE pretty expensive. Did you see my mail to
> Bob, where I posted the address of Leybold in USA and
> Germany? (I read your thoughts beforehand :o)) ) I couldn´t find
> a subsidiary in the U.K., tho. I did find a few E-mail addresses.
> More info about contacts at:
> http://www.leyboldtech-dot-net/Contact_Overview.stm
> Leybold Materials GmbH
> Wilhelm-Rohn-Straße 25
> P.O. Box 1861
> D-63408 Hanau
> Phone: 06181-34-3021
> Fax: 06181-34-3020
> USA:
> Leybold Materials Inc.
> 16035 Vineyard Blvd.
> Morgan Hill
> CA, 95037
> Phone 408-779-0636
> Fax 408-779-8739
> Leybold-Heraeus doesn´t exsist any more. They were sold to Oerlikon.
> Snipplet from the website:
> "Leybold as it is known today, originally developed out of two
> independent companies founded in 1850 and 1851, respectively,
> by Ernst Leybold in Cologne and Wilhelm Carl Heraeus in Hanau,
> near Frankfurt on the Main. Since the merger in 1967, Leybold
> has become a global market leader in vacuum technology and
> related technologies. It has established a secure and globally
> acknowledged foothold. Owned by Oerlikon-Buehrle Holding
> AG (Zurich) since October 1, 1993, Leybold has, in an
> economically sensible merger, joined forces with Balzers Group."
> More info about Oerlikon at:
> http://www.obh-dot-com/english/html/konzern/i_balz.htm
> Hope it helps.
> Coiler greets,
> Reinhard