Re: KT88 Tube coil

Tesla List wrote:
> Original Poster: NickandSim-at-aol-dot-com
> To All,
>           in the uk very few radio hams build their ownTXs and almost none
> valve TXs so you just can't get big transmitter tubes.  The biggest tubes I
> can easily buy are the KT88 tetrode (70W) and the EL34 pentode (30W).  Are
> their any tube coils designed for these or other audio tubes?
> Thanks in advance
> Nick Field

        Those are small, expensive tubes.   Try searching around with a search
program like Yahoo or AltaVista and you should find all sorts of sources
of higher powered tubes.  Unfortunately, the triodes in the 100 watt
class are being snapped up by hi-fi nuts.

        One site in my bookmark file is:


Don't know if it's useful or not.  Antique Radio Supply in Arizona sells
a lot of bit Russian transmitting tubes, but there must be other (and
probably much cheaper) sources nearer to home.  Try your local amateur
radio club for contacts.