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Sorry, I misread the numbers.. I used 1.5 m diameter, not 1.5 radius..
The radiation resistance is somewhat better, now about 4E-10 ohms..

Tesla List wrote:
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> Hi All,
>     I found an article wherein the radiated energy from a loop of 1.5
> meter radius, that has an 8 microFarad capacitor charged to 60 kV
> discharged into it, is calculated.  The frequency is about 67
> kiloHertz.  The author claims that, with an initial stored energy of
> 14.4 kiloJoules and with a discharge current of 45,000 Amperes, the
> total radiated energy is 1.12 microJoules.  The calculations were done
> on a computer with subroutines from the CERN program library.  This
> loss mechanism would seem to be very small for a Tesla coil primary
> and secondary if this calculation is correct (at this frequency).  The
> article also gives references to several papers by Peter Graneau, P.
> T. Pappas, Hatzikonstantinou, and P. G. Moyssides the author.
> By P. G. Moyssides
> March 1999, Volume 35, Number 2, Pages1060 to 1069
> Barry

Did they give a loss for the loop/capacitor?

This sounds about right.... If you calculate the radiation resistance of
the loop using Rr = 31200 * Area^2/lambda^4 = 31200 * (1.76^2)/ (4500^4)
you get about 2.4E-10 ohms.  They showed a radiation efficiency of
7E-11, implying that the loop resistance/loss must have been around 3
ohms, which is actually quite high for a loop that size (unless they
made it out of something quite lossy, or maybe the cap is lossy).

Small loops (compared to a wavelength) make terrible antennas.