Re: Good Deal? SURE !!

Hi Bob,

Bob wrote:
"Yes. You are right here. They are connected via common shaft, and are
labeled on top WN wn, VN vn, UN un. Each of these are terminals with the
common wire connecting all three variacs going right in between the
capital "N"s and small w,v,u's."

Okay, so this is definately a three phase Y setup. The U V W are old
descriptions for the three phases the w,v,u are the phases as they
come from the variacs. This means the variacs and the xformer are
(multi phase) 220V input rated. The variacs should be a matched
set, which means you should (DO TEST this, before actually doing
it!!) be able to parallel the 3 variacs for high amperage 220V
single phase usage.

Bob wrote:
"NO, not that I can see. It does have a label that says
High Voltage Supply."

Okay, this is a german company, but you are in luck: They have a
subsidiary in California !!
Hereīs the scoop:

Leybold Materials GmbH
Wilhelm-Rohn-Straße 25
P.O. Box 1861
D-63408 Hanau
Phone: 06181-34-3021
Fax: 06181-34-3020

Leybold Materials Inc.
16035 Vineyard Blvd.
Morgan Hill
CA, 95037
Phone 408-779-0636
Fax 408-779-8739

Call īem and ask if they have any info. The are into vacuum
sputtering and coatings (so maybe this was the original use
for the psu you scooped up).

Bob wrote:
"Ouch. I was hoping to use it somehow. There are 3 wires going into each
coil, the diodes are tapped in seperately. The 3 sets of 3 wires go to a
bus bar arrangement. Couldn't I convert the way thes wires are hooked up
so that they run single phase 220? Wiuldn't that be the same as running
them in parallel? I assume I'd have to disconnect the diode board and go
to AC, but I'm willing to do that if I can use this power supply without
installing 3 phase (Yeah-like that's going to happen!)"

Hehehehe. That IS one advantage (although I donīt use it for
TCs.) I have over my US pals. The three phase setup is
available at every home. My 200A main fuse would let me
run a 3 phase DC TC with a maximum of 228kVA (:o)).

You can use one phase of the xformer for sure, but I donīt
know if you can just parallel all (w/o) the diodes. Why not
try it? Does the transformer have a shunt installed (i.e. is
it internally limited)? If not, just add a 1kW space heater in
series with the paralled xformer and measure the current
on the secondary side with a DMM set to 20A (!!) range.
With a 1kW space heater you should get 66mA on the
secondary side. One winding should get you ~22mA.

Your transformer probably looks like this:
(use courier to view)


("x"s are the windings)

Only the primary is shown. The secondary is similar.
Now in order to parallel the windings it depends on
how they are wound. If the "N" connection is (for all
three coils) the end (or start) of the winding and U,V,
W are the beginning (or respective: the end), then you
can parallel them. If this is NOT the case and you
CANīT access the wires connected to "N", then you
CANīT parallel them, because the magnetic fields
would cancel each other out. A more complex
transfomer is zig-zag wound. This transformer
is impossible to run on single phase power (not
even with caps for phase shiift), because it is
a self compensating (meaning primary current
draw here) design, which allows a very stiff

Good Luck!!

Coiler greets from germany,