Re: secondary winding

Hi Ian,

Here's how we wraped our sec.

First, find a peice of pvc with a smaller OD than the ID of your form,
doesn't matter how much smaller.  It also needs to be longer than your sec
form.  Now, chuck the smaller piece in a bench vise, put just enough of the
pipe in the vise for the jaws to have full contact on the pipe.  I think we
used about a 2" peice and instead of using the jaws of the vice we wedged it
between the jaws and the turnstyle of the vise.  Anyway,  we then wrapped
paper towels on the smaller tube until our form slid on tight.  It spun free
but still had a little drag.  It just so happened that our form was just the
right ID that a toilet flange swedged just inside on one end.  On that end
we attached a hand crank.  While sitting the wire spool on the floor
supported on two 2x4 blocks with an "axle".  Course it was designed to be
used with two people it worked great!