Re: secondary winding

> > Hi all - 
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> > I was woundering if any of you had any tricks for winding secandaries?


I made a simple support using a 2X6 piece of wood with 2 uprights. I
fastened two small turntable bearings on the end (hardware store - $3
each) and end pieces to those. The end pieces have clamps to hold
secondary form. I put a handle at one end and had my son help me wind.
My next coil I think I'll motorize a winding reel...

One key element that helped me (I got off the archives) was to run
several strips of double stick tape down the length of the winding area.
That way, if you stop for a second, the tape retains the shape and
tesion of wire, but you can still shift it if you need to line it up a
little. This removed a lot of frustration for me and worked well.

Bob Volk