My apologies in advance if this query is not the kind that's tolerated on
this list.
I'll try my luck.    <<<<No problem at all!  - Terry >>>>

For an exhibition about different millennium issues, I would like to
implement a Tesla Coil effect.
Knowing that this exhibition shall last for 2 to tree months and shall be
open daily for 10 hours.

The Tesla coil lighting effect needs to be activated every 10 to fifteen
minutes for not more then 10 to 20 seconds. The triggering of this shall be

I was wondering whether there are people on this list willing to offer me
their services in making or hiring one unit that would be op to the task.

Two options are still in debate .
- A  small lighting skater ranging between 1 to two meters
- A larger one capable of reaching 3 to four meters.

It would be nice if the individual or company interested would be from
Europe or preferably from Belgium, but that is not a must.

Thank you for reading this.
I hope to hear from you soon.

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