Re: secondary winding


One of the most straight forward methods is to find a DC motor gearbox
combination from one of the surplus electronics dealers.  I have seen
several that will provide 0-40 RPM or something close for less than $25.00.
Most of these are powered by 24 through 90 VDC and work quite well.  The
exact size of your secondary will dictate how big of a unit you will need.
I ran a 8" secondary using a 1/15 HP DC motor and gear box that gave about
45 RPM max.  After purchasing the drive unit you can lash up a simple DC
supply, run through an autotransformer for speed control.  I use a foot
switch, but a helper with "very quick" reactions could save you the trouble
of buying a foot switch.  I have built several wooden frames to support the
DC gearbox, which drives the secondary form through a shaft.  I normally use
a pillow block on the far end for a big coil.  A smaller coil doesn't need
anything that elaborate.

Look at the catalogs from C&H, Surplus Sales of Nebraska and others for the
needed components.  If you want to keep the budget under tighter control,
just invite a friend over for a "Short" task you need help with.

Chuck Curran

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>Hi all -
>I was woundering if any of you had any tricks for winding secandaries?
>Thanks in advance!
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