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> Original Poster: "John H. Couture" <COUTUREJH-at-worldnet.att-dot-net>
>   Richard, All -
>   In your post below you said that "Maxwell created the myth of
> "displacement current".

****************I never said myth!  It was a totally mental construct based on
completely logical assumption and without any proof of its existent other that
observed cause and effect interaction in the capacitor.  His thoughts were as
as anyone elses in the matter, but do they represent a real physical contact
action as we are told or just a mental construct designed to explain the
unexplained in the lack of a suitable circuital path with zero current

> What is your understanding of displacement current
> in both conductors and dielectrics? Maxwell actually said "electricity
> displacement" and also indicated this occurred in both conductors and
> dielectrics.

****************Yes, and both conductors and bulk atomic dielectrics contain
charge carriers or electron orbitals which can be displaced and stressed.  All
these support common conventional current flow as we understand it.  A vacuum
none of these.  I can see cause and effect, but is Maxwell's explanation the
one I
am going to accept?  Probably not for the vacuum.  There is too much hocus
in this,  As bothered Maxwell.  Still, if accepted, it closed his equations and
lets us engineer.  But, does it give us a grip on the reality of the process? 

>   Could you give us more information on how a Tesla coil represents two
> capacitor plates and how the transfer of energy thru the system takes place?
>   The term "electrostatic" is not an outdated term today when it is used
> properly. It is definitely a static electrical field as taught by present
> day physics books. See my post on electric fields under "Tesla Coils and
> Lamp Tests".

********************************I see the effects, as did Maxwell and any
experimenter!  However placing a term in an equation and having it work out
doesn't give an intrinsic understanding of the reality of the process to which
term relates, only a an engineering proceedure which functions.

If we think about it, we might change the term for the displacement term to the
mother goose factor " Fmg" and the equation would still solve.  The idea of the
field is not maxwellian, but Farady's intuitive stab at understanding
and electrostatic's seemingly  magic interaction at a distance.  This concept
"refined" and properly "sanitized" of the "taint" of "action at a distance"
mumbo-jumbo and replaced with a respectable and seemingly intuitive contact
action mumbo jumbo of the modern school.  Remember,  there ain't any way to
transfer energy in these systems with out those funky little field fingers
reachin' out across space.  There is no way to transfer charge, energy or,
magnetism without our solid current carriers of atomic nature in the vacuum.

Remember, "weigh and consider".  We are so deeply steeped in this thing we have
reason to look about.  Besides why worry, the equations work, don't they?  This
really a question which is currently starting to bother some thoughtful
experimental physicists.  Engineers such as ourselves need not worry our pretty
little heads about the details.  Just "accept and do".

Richard Hull