Hi All,

	As you all know, this list deals only with topics related directly to
Tesla coiling.  Other subjects get rejected even though they may be really
cool.  Normally, I suggest that off topic subjects be directed to the
USA-Tesla list where "anything" goes.  However, from what I hear back,
USA-Tesla is getting pretty "noisy".  

	So I got into on private discussion about how to fix this and the subject
of UseNet came up.  UseNet is a giant Internet discussion system that has
been around for many years.  You get free software like WinVn or use a web
browser to access it.  There are well over 45000 topics these days.  I
can't go into all the details here, but look around and you will find it
pretty quick if you are not already familiar with it.  Your ISP can fill
you in and answer questions.

	We were going to setup a new group on UseNet but I found a group called
"alt.mad.science" that is just sitting there doing nothing.  So perhaps
those that would like to have a free flowing anything goes discussion group
on amateur science topics could use this group.  There is no moderation,
but UseNet, by its nature, is very tolerant of "trash posts".  It can also
easily handle thousands of posts per day.  Typically, you get a listing of
posters and subjects and only need to look at the posts that interest you.
You don't get zillions of e-mails as in lists like ours.  UseNet is the big
league in Internet discussion groups.  It is probably still too big just
for the topic of Tesla coils but when you add in all the other amateur
science topics, the interest should easily support a UseNet group.  This
group can be used to discuss all those science areas other than (but not
excluding) TCs that so many of us are interested in.  Right now, nobody is
there but that can change fast :-)

	If you don't get "alt.mad.science" talk to you ISP or UseNet provider and
they can easily add the group to their active list.  All this is free with
your normal Internet account.  My only caution would be not to use your
real E-mail address on UseNet because the evil spammers can get hold of it
and....  Normally, posts to UseNet can be fairly anonymous.

	I hope this will help those that do something else besides Tesla coils to
have an effective place to discuss topics that this list does not address.

BTW - There is a lot of activity with new lists and such.  However, rest
assured, that this list will still be here in it's present form for the
foreseeable future.  As the interest level has grown, people are simply
expanding into different areas a bit.  Also, the "advanced" group that
Steve Rodway is trying to get going is not affiliated with this list in
anyway.  You will have to contact Steve Rodway <Legion-at-bigfoot-dot-com>
directly about that list instead of me.