Re: Zinc based spark gap


Zinc works well for a spark gap material, providing the physical size
and design are good, for the power you plan to run.  It probably isn't
so effective that it would pay to go out of your way to locate a big
chunk for the purpose.  I used a couple of 3/8" round pieces with good
results at 350 watts.

A good gap is more easily made from pieces of rigid copper pipe with
drawn end caps sweated on.

"hold up to the electric given shock?"  I assume you mean will it melt? 
Not if the piece is large enough to dissipate the heat at the power you

"pre-ioniation?"  Huh?  It seems to quench fast, if that is what you are
asking.  Works about as well as copper . . .

The only materials that I've had trouble with, have been chromed steel,
steel, iron, and stainless steel, and brass.  Copper and silver are my
first choices.