Re: Variac as sync gap tuner?

Tesla List wrote:
> Original Poster: Eddie Burwell <eburwell-at-HIWAAY-dot-net>
>  Has anyone ever used a variac as a variable inductor for the purpose of
> tuning a synchronous rotary gap by varying the phase lag? The nice thing
> about this is that it could be remotely tweaked. I realize the inductance
> would probably be excessive after a point but I'm just wondering if it might
> be an alternative to a pivoting motor mount.
> Thanks in advanced,
> Eddie Burwell
Actually, you could probably even do it in a more clever fashion by
putting a capacitor across the winding of the variac, and perhaps some
load to ground. The variac would be across two different phases, and you
could fine adjust it quite nicely.  How much phase shift do you need for
a sync rotary....?? If it is only 45 degrees, then this kind of strategy
would have real promise.