Re: pole pig needed

Hi All,
    I used to work with PCB insulating oils about 18 years ago when I
worked at the University of Maryland Plasma Physics lab.  The skin on
my hands and heels bubbles and peels off in large sheets.  The finger
tips become bloody and painful to the touch.  Cashiers drop change
into my hands rather than touch my hands directly.  There is a certain
resemblance to Leprosy.  The only way to control it is with the daily
application of a special steroidal cream proscribed by my doctor.  It
only works for a while though.  I have to wear gloves when doing any
kind of work.  It is generally miserable but I have gotten used to it
through the years.

    My condition didn't begin to occur until over 10 years after the
last exposure.  I have a great respect for PCBs and other mutagenic


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well I am not a that conserned about safety if you want to take the
well I am not going to go out of my way to stop you, I do know that
and other like chemicals used in the electronics indistry have cause
lots of
problems ( ie: triclor) and well if you think it is not going to harm
go play with the transformers with pcb's in them if I find some I will
them your way, only time will tell if being scared of pcbs as any
truth to
it or not....it takes time for the health effects to come about, just
at what was safe in the past years ( ie: fin-fin ect.). The main word
is be
carefull read the facts and make up your own mind on the dangers of
anything... do not trust me or anyone else with your safety.....

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   I read an article sometime ago regarding the  properties of PCB
(Polychlorinated Biphenyl). This article concluded that the dangerous
nature of
these compounds has been wildly overstated. But even if PCB is
dangerous, I
can't imagine  passing up a good pole xfmr simply because it contains
it. We
assume the transformer's tank and seals are intact---you may want to
that are rusting piles of junk.
   The bottom-line question is this: What is the probability of
exposure to the contents of a Pole xfmr so filled? Well, unless you
open the
case, empty the contents into a bath tub, and proceed to immerse
in it
multiple times, you'll probably be ok. You certainly wouldn't want to
atomizer with some, mist, and inhale deeply.   It is conceivable that
overheating condition could cause PCB vapor to be released through the
pressure valve. Other's may have comments an this scenario, which
me as being unlikely.
   Look, gasoline is fairly dangerous and we regularly drive around
of it sloshing around. I don't know, Pole Pigs are like gold. Hard to
rejecting one because of what are probably minimal dangers. Safety is
the +ACM-1
Coiling Commandment, but is possible to become irrational about it.

  Check out this site--http://mcni-dot-net/+AH4-copa/med/pcbatsdr.htm. The
involves a man who apparently experienced multiple exposures. Here's a

+ACI-....the patient reveals that while in the basement workshop he
wipes up +ACI-dark oily discharge+ACI- near a large electrical transformer in
area. The discharge has also resulted in a gummy  residue on tools and
surfaces. He mentions he sometimes feels dizzy and nauseated after
the basement all day.+ACI-

   Avoid frequent wipe ups of your oozing xfmr and gummy (presumably)
residues and you'll be ok.

   Seriously though, It's hard to imagine a coiler with PCB
himself in a way that would result in  deleterious PCB effects.

Dave Hartwick
+AFs-I should note that I'm generally appalled by a country that's gone
mind with safety consciousness. Environmentalists have succeeded in
producing in
the populace a +ACI-Chemical-Phobia+ACI-. All chemicals are bad--Period.
   Could we return to logic and reason?+AF0-

Tesla List wrote:

+AD4- Original Poster: Kerry Jarrell +ADw-Kerry+AEA-apprentice-dot-com+AD4-
+AD4- well are those transformers from the 20 or 30's filled with pcbs if
so i
+AD4- not want to get close to them I want kids someday?
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+AD4- On Wed, 3 Feb 1999, Tesla List wrote:
+AD4- Hello,
+AD4- I am in Fayetteville AR, and the local electric company here is
willing to
+AD4- donate 5 surplus government distribution transformers to my local
+AD4- Coil society.  Each is rated at 50Kv, but if that is too much they
+AD4- many (really cool looking) transformers from the 20s-40s.  They are
+AD4- 5kw-10kw.
+AD4- If your interested I could give you one of the ones we would get.  I
+AD4- dont need 5.
+AD4- Let me know,
+AD4- Ben Bouxsein
+AD4- +AD4- Original Poster: +ACI-Jeff Corr+ACI- +ADw-corr+AEA-enid-dot-com+AD4-
+AD4- +AD4-
+AD4- +AD4- I just blew my last spare neon, and I'm tired of doing that+ACE-
+AD4- +AD4- If anyone withint 600 miles of Oklahoma has a pig for sale,
+AD4- +AD4- at least 13.8kv, 3kva pig or higher,  please contact me off the
+AD4- +AD4- Thanks+ACE-
+AD4- +AD4-
+AD4- +AD4-
+AD4- +AD4-