Re: Great sparks! Then....

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>  Well, thanks to everyone for the help getting my new 6" TC running. 
>  I decided to run more power and the second cap I built, since I couldn't
>  tune with just one. I got it tuned up and got up to a good power level,
>  the sparks were looking good. Then, I got some interesting buzzing from my
>  cap. *sigh* One of them blew. Well, I learned a lot doing it, so it's not
>  a total loss. But no more sparks for a while, have to build more caps. ;)
>  One question, durring my higher powered runs I noticed something I had not
>  seen before. I kept getting a small arc from my secondary ground wire to
>  the inner turn of the primary. This happened at the higher power levels. I
>  tried putting some poly in the way, but that didn't help.
>  Do I need a larger inner turn on the primary? Or am I missing something
>  here? I'm a few turns in from the outside on the tap, so I could loose a
>  turn or two from the center and retune still. It's a 6" secondary with a
>  flat spiral primary, inner diamater on the primary is 8". 
>  Travis

Congratulations on getting your 6" coil up and running.  Too bad about your
cap.  I have blown a few myself.  I have a 6" coil that I run at about 7kva
with a flat spiral primary set so the lowest turn of the secondary is at the
same level as the primary.  The inside diamter of my primary is 9.75" - so I
have about 1.75" clearance, and have never had a problem with arcing.

Ed Sonderman