RE: HV wiring

Jim: see comments below, and note to readers: Major snippage was done.

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> Original Poster: Jim Lux <jimlux-at-jpl.nasa.gov>
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> > Original Poster: "Kent & Kim Schaffer" <santoken-at-bright-dot-net>
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>>  Neon Sign Wire (GTO-15) a polyethylene jacket on a 14 ga stranded
> copper wire.
> RG 58/59 (if, and
> only if the dielectric is a clear plastic and not white (the white is
> actually foam) works fine for Neon Sign transformer voltages, the
> thicker RG-8, RG-213, RG-11, etc. (about 1/2 inch in diam) works up to
> around 30-50 kV.
You left out what is rare, but great. Surplus X-Ray system wire. I managed
to luck into about 200ft of 250KV rated cable. Not really sure what the
dielectric is - appears to be an inner core of silicone, with a 1/2" thick
rubber outer wrapping. I can still pick up a healthy electrostatic field
at 14.4KV 60hz
> I personally leave the shield on coax and ground it.
Interesting.. I have been warned against this, and actually have seen
where this is a major problem on our synchrotron. Basically, you've just
built the mother of all caps. I know that with my xray cable, I got
large arcs across the output end until I stripped the braid and the
semiconductor tape off. We did have one guy get kicked on his butt by a
3KV 200nA power supply for an ion chamber. The bozo did not de-energize
the power supply before disconnecting from the chamber to re-terminate,
and left it lying out there. It bit hard when he went touched it as it
was close to 400ft long. Big cap.