Re: Triac-dimmers in TC's

>Original Poster: dferguso-at-ebmail.gdeb-dot-com
>why not just run the vacuum motor for your spark gap at full speed, and
>not worry about a dimmer or variac? is too much air "bad" ?  , doug

The vacuum motor that I use (American Science & Surplus, www.sciplus-dot-com)
draws something like 10 amps at full speed and screams like a jet engine.

When I upgraded my houses wiring and went from screw-in fuses to
breakers, I find that I often trip the breaker when I switch on my coil,
even though both variacs (NST and vacuum motor) are at 0%, due to high
magnetizing currents.  I'm hoping that eliminating the motor variac will
eliminate the tripping.  

I've found that running the motor any higher than 15%-20% offers no
performance benefit (doesn't hurt though).

Gary Lau
Waltham, MA USA