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       what gauge are you looking for? i think i have about this much in
awg24 or 28...........as for your primary wound on a tube.... i think that 
the flat sprial is perferred over the helix..... senior list members will
have much more on this than i.
good luck

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Does anyone know where i can get about 2000 ft of magnet wire?  A friend and i
are building a coil for school and we're having trouble finding a supplier
around where we live.  Also what would the approximate cost of this be?
I need to make sure i have something else straight.  Can the  secondary coil
be wound on a larger diameter piece of PVC and placed around the base of the
primary?  and what is the ratio of turns for primary to secondary?  i have a 4
foot long 8 inch dia. primary.   thanx in advance