Re: ballast Inductor Choke coil (fwd)

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Date: Tue, 31 Mar 1998 18:47:49 EST
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Subject: Re: ballast Inductor Choke coil (fwd)

      When an inductor is placed in series with an AC source it causes
resistance governed by this equation.  R = 2 * Pi * f * L

So for a transformer that uses about 1kw you would need 14.4 ohms with a 120
volt wall socket, so the inductance should be about 0.0382 H, so on a 12 in
cylinder with a 6 inch diameter you would need about 780 turns with air as the
core.  I don't know how to figure out the internal resistance of the

Somebody correct me if I am wrong.  Like everybody wouldn't if I was.  :)

Erik Schulz