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Subject: Re: Salt Water Poly Caps (fwd)

I just had a thought. The last time I bought a gallon of paint it came in a
plastic pail. Seems like it must be poly and thick walled. Have to check
when I get home.
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Subject: Salt Water Poly Caps (fwd)

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Subject: Salt Water Poly Caps

So people use salt water caps in glass bottles which has a power loss of
about 50%. So I have a new idea.  Polyethylene is much better than glass and
soft drink bottles are made of polyethylene.  I know the thickness of the
soft drink bottles are only about .010 thousands so about 10 bottles will
have to be connected in series to get a good voltage rating.  Has anyone
tried this?  Can anyone thing of a container that is made of poly and is
thicker than a soft drink bottle?


What if you cut the top off of 10 large 2 liter bottles and place a 16 oz.
bottle inside each one.  Fill both with salt water and connect all 10 in
series.  You may have to make several of these to get the correct uf value
needed for your system.  The power lose should be much getter than glass.
The cap might get rather large too but its easy to make.

I'm not planning to build one of these.  Just an idea for the guys that
don't have good caps yet.

Gary Weaver