Re: Watt Meter

> Original Poster: "Vivian Watts" <V.C.Watts-at-btinternet-dot-com> 
> Hi All,
>     Being interested in the difference between the VA rating and the rms.
> power taken by my coil I managed to purchase a Watt meter at a local Amateur
> Radio Rally.

A very lucky find,  considering all the discussions about power factor and
sync gaps recently !

>  It is rated for A.C and D.C. but I'm not sure it is suitable
> for giving the true power on reactive loads and was wondering if anyone
> knew.  It is a Weston Model 310 made in Newark NJ USA dated 1941.  It is
> referred to as a electrodynamometer wattmeter.  Frequency range to 133Hz.
> regards
> Viv Watts (UK)

I think this type uses a heated wire so it should be good for a wide range
of power factors and waveforms.  Try checking it with a known resistive
load,  and then with a reactive load like a shorted neon or PFC cap.

Have you done any more work with the sync gap,  and simulations recently ?
Let me know if the real life measurements match the sims !

						- Richie

						- In sunny Newcastle.