MMC / threaded coil test

Hi all,

   I have recently purchased a very nice 4" secondary made by Jeff Behary.
I was originally going to power it with a .006uf cap but that was not
enough capacitance for my 12/60 neon. I have a few MMC caps so I decided to
try them. I put 10 strings of 6 2kvdc .006uf caps in parallel and gave it a
shot. It worked great, I was able to get 30++" arcs and the caps, although
being severely over voltaged, did not blow. Also I would like to note that
the secondary was wound on a threaded form and very well built. This
allowed me to run it at 15/120 and have no flash over, which had killed my
pervious coil. The arcs with 15/120 and 30 strings of 8 caps where well
over 4'.