Magnet Wire Availability

I've read several articles on this list lately of people having
trouble finding magnet wire for coil winding.  I think I have come
up with a partial solution.

I visited my friendly local motor repair shop yesterday.  Noticed
that they had a large quantity of new wire in the copper scrap bin. 
My mind immediately lept to the tesla list.  Since Jerry's a good
friend, we've worked out a nice deal that will hopefully benefit

Here's the deal.  Jerry's going to save me his new scrap wire.  Thiw
will be either spool ends or mis-wound coils.  Various gauges.  I'll
periodically inventory what he has and post the list here.  Anyone
who wants the wire can buy it for $1 a pound (scrap copper is
bringing about 75 cents a pound right now so I figure giving him a
quarter a pound for warehousing it for us is fair) plus shipping. 
This is very high quality Class H insulated, inverter rated wire.
(Inverter rated means tougher insulation to withstand the harmonics
from inverter-type motor drives.)

Since I'm going to do this for free, it has to be minimal effort. 
What I'm going to do is this.  I'll post each lot of wire in terms
of wire diameter and weight.  I won't take the time to convert
diameter to gauge - you can do that.  Nor will I try to estimate the
footage for the wire weight - you can do that too if you need that

Until someone screws me, I'll work on trust.  You say you want the
wire, I'll ship it and email you the cost of shipping and you send
me a check.  After the first person screws me, it'll be just like
Ebay - cash in advance.  First come-first served.  Sorry, no waiting
lists.  This has to be painless for me.

I picked up the wire he had yesterday:

Lot 1 -		3.5 lbs of 0.018" wire wound as a DC field coil
(rectangular, about 3X6") - $3.50
Lot 2 - 	5 lbs of 0.030 wire in two miswound coil bundles. - $5.00


John De Armond
Neon John's Custom Neon
Cleveland, TN
"Bendin' Glass 'n Passin' Gas"