Arc output problems

I was looking for some help on my TC. The last tests I ran I was only
able to get about 10-11" of spark. Here are its specs with links to the
pictures. Perhaps the cap was all my problems but maybe im overlooking
something else.

Secondary - 4.5x20" wound surface on 4" PVC pipe
Primary - 12 turns 1/4" copper refrigerator tube 1/4" spaceing.
Power supply - unpoted Franceformer 12kv 30ma in mineral oil
Topload - Originally two potlids ,but new toroid has been built. 17x4"
larger toroid made no output
Original cap used - rolled poly .0089uf ~19kv
Original gap used - 10 section cylinder made from 1x2" hard copper pipe
0.180 total gap
safety gap - 1/4" each side.  Hv-grnd-Hv type across nst HV terminals.

~I realize .0088uf is not the size for a 12kv 30ma but i was told the
tranny was 9kv. I found it was 12kv later on.

You can just go to Http://hv.hypermart-dot-net/tc.html   there is a
schematic there that you can click on the parts of ind it will take you
to the differant pics. Pictures listed below with the "*" are not shown
on the page. More stuff is available with http://hv.hypermart-dot-net

cylinder gap - http://hv.hypermart-dot-net/images/sg.jpg
Primary - http://hv.hypermart-dot-net/images/srail.jpg
*coil assembeled with original topload -
*coil almost ready to run - http://hv.hypermart-dot-net/tc/IMAGE010.jpg
*SPOT my dog who oversaw construction -
(note. spot died days after this photo)
new flat gap - http://hv.hypermart-dot-net/images/flatgap.jpg
Coil with NEW toroid - http://hv.hypermart-dot-net/tc/toroid.JPG

Philip Mac Duffie