Re: MMC Design

Hi Dave,

	I am not familiar with the Phillips caps but I assume they are the usual
high current polypropylene types with metal foil and all that.  The voltage
rating is right.  I got 17.1 nF but that's close.  These should take 12
amps RMS forever and could probably take 48 with reasonable safety.  They
will probably stay cold from what I have seen.  So it sounds perfect.  You
will notice a giant leap from 100 year old cap technology to the state of
the art!!

	You May want to check out:


Files emmc01.jpg to emmc07.jpg to see how I built mine.  Even though I went
all out with the fancy wood, that design is very strong and very nice to
use.  I also like the fact that I can choose the number of strings for
different cap values.



At 08:37 PM 6/28/99 +0100, you wrote:
>Hi all,
>I have decided to give up with my saltwater caps and jump on the MMC
>I have come up with this for a design.
>10KV neon voltage -at- 50 mA
>so I need a 16nF Cap according to wintesla and my calcs.
>I propose to make this as follows.
>11 x 1600V 47nF caps in series
>with 4 strings in parelel.  10Mohm resistors across each cap for safety.
>I intend to use Philips 378 or 376 series caps, from farnell.
>how does that sound?
>all comments greatfully recieved.