Re: 99 bottles of beer in the cap.....

Okay, Mr. Boden---

To the best of your ability find the area of the glass dialectric, then
sacrafice a perfectly good longneck Corona-type SW cap canidate to a
hammer. Find the thickness of the glass.

Use this formula:
assuming all dimensions are in inches,
and a dialectric constant(Er) of....  hmm...  pyrex=~5.1, plate=~7.3,
borosilicate=4.84, Fused Quartz=3.78.....  and Corona bottles are
probably none of those.
n=number of plates, A=area of one plate, t=dialectric thickness

On Mon, 14 Jun 1999 06:35:32 -0600 Tesla List <tesla-at-pupman-dot-com> writes:
>Original Poster: christopher boden <chrisboden-at-hotmail-dot-com> 
>Alright, just when you thought it was safe to go back on the list
>The Geek Group is back with another retarded question.
>We have a 10 Gallon aquarium with 15 Corona longneck beer bottles 
>submerged to the base of the neck in saltwater. They are filled to the 
>level with the exact same batch of saltwater to the base of the next 
>1/8" (Remember there's 15 bottles here, eyeballing measurements that 
>late in 
>the evening ain't easy;-)
>Doing the density deadman float on top of the saltwater is a nice 
>cool smelling) 1" layer of new synthetic motor oil.
>There is approx 3/4" of the bottle exposed to open atmosphere on the 
>and the bottles are completely filled with oil to the brim.
>The interconnect wires are arranged with smooth radioused bends and at 
>2 loops in each bottle going to seperate bottles, with most having 3 
>All bottles are in parelell.
>Here's the problem:
>Does anybody have a rough idea whatthe capacitence is? We don't have a 
>funtional meter that will read Cap values and would really like to 
>know. It 
>makes the coil design so much easier to have a clue what the heck your 
>working with.
>Back again with Champange tastes and a Budweiser budget:
>The Coronaphile (La Cervesa Mas Fina!)

I prefer Yuengling Black&Tan...

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>The Geek Group
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>Grand Rapids MI
no hate mail yet, I hope ;-)

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