RE: Variable current controls & chokes


Here's what I did:


Bill Wysock helped with the current/voltage control design and no I didn't
cut any of the cores. 

Brian D. Basura

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I am working on a new driver and was wondering about using large
variacs as variable current chokes. I want to be able to adjust my
current between a minimum value and a maxinum set value. I was thinking
of a large variac in series with a choke made from another variac, and
these in series with the transformer. Since I have never made a current
limiter before (I usually use neons), I'd like to get the advice and
imput of the list members, and maybe some help with the design for this
current limiter. Any hints and tips, or instructions on how to modify
and rewind the variacs, would be a big help. I know they need to have a
slot cut into the core, but should I make it a certain size? I am
planning on using a 14.4 kV pig in case you need to know.

Thanks in advance,

Mike Veach.

P.S. I am also interested in any info you may have on Cockraft-Walton
multipliers. You can reply to this off-list at my email addy, which is