Re: Panasonic MMC capacitor source?

Digi-Key's pricing for lots of 1000 is reasonable. Perhaps there are
several folks that would be willing to go in on a group buy, say five
people. 200 0.056 uFd -at- 1600V Panasonic caps would then cost about $275 and
would make a killer 0.02 to 0.03 uFd -at- ~25 to 20 KVAC cap. Now were talking!

I am not personally interested, but it would be logical for folks to go in
together and save some $$


David Trimmell

At 12:54 AM 6/25/1999 , you wrote:
>Original Poster: "Basura, Brian" <brian.basura-at-unistudios-dot-com> 
>Has anyone found a better source than Digi-Key for the Panasonic
>ECW-H16563JV ?  
>I've been using (and abusing) a string of 10 at 12kv with great results. I'd
>now like to build a bigger cap but the Digi-Key prices are kind of high (no
>Brian D. Basura