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>  Wanted:  TC Test Equipment
>  Anyone on the list have an older style vacuum tube type RF signal generator
>  they might be interested in parting with?  We accidently backed a pickup
> truck
>  over our nice old RCA WR-49A last week and totally demolished it.
>  The tube type is preferred due to its higher voltage output to drive TCs
> during
>  tuning and testing.
>  If you have one please contact me off-list with the particulars and price.
>  Must be in good operating condition.
>  Regards,
>  <mailto:Dr.Resonance-at-next-wave-dot-net>Dr.Resonance-at-next-wave-dot-net
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> Dr. R,
> Suggest you check the ham flea markets. I just found a beautiful Gen Rad sig
> gen at
> Dayton. There were many Eico and Heathkit sig gens along with other goodies.
> Also check eBay.
>  How does a signal generator wind up under the wheels of a pickup?
> Cheers,
> Ralph Zekelman

	I would suggest an R-C tuned audio oscillator of the type first
commercialized by Hewlett & Packard during their school days.  I have a
copy of an early Heathkid oscillator which I built over 40 years ago,
and it works just fine for the use you mention.  (It goes up to about
800 kHz on the "2 MHz range".)  I see such things at the swap meets
regularly, for peanuts.