tubeaxial fan

I am cleaning up around here and I ran across a 27VDC tubeaxial fan, made by
TRW/Globe motor division (dayton OH), part # 19A544.  the fan is 2 inches in
diameter, the casing is aluminum with 4 screw mounting via a machined
aluminum plate.  I am pretty sure it was part of some military gear, it
certainly moves quite a bit of air - perhaps this would be useful to someone
for cooling a air cooled tube or for quencing a gap - since it's a DC brush
type motor, it won't be bothered by tesla induced EMI, and because it's DC
it is easy to control the speed with a resistor in series with the motor.

If anyone wants this thing, contact me off the list - I figure it has some
value, maybe $8 to $15, but make me an offer, it's just collecting dust
around here.