Re: TC Test Equipment

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 Wanted:  TC Test Equipment
 Anyone on the list have an older style vacuum tube type RF signal generator
 they might be interested in parting with?  We accidently backed a pickup 
 over our nice old RCA WR-49A last week and totally demolished it.
 The tube type is preferred due to its higher voltage output to drive TCs 
 tuning and testing.
 If you have one please contact me off-list with the particulars and price. 
 Must be in good operating condition.
Dr. R,
Suggest you check the ham flea markets. I just found a beautiful Gen Rad sig 
gen at
Dayton. There were many Eico and Heathkit sig gens along with other goodies.
Also check eBay.

 How does a signal generator wind up under the wheels of a pickup?

Ralph Zekelman