Re: TC Test Equipment

DC & All:

I have found that the on-line ebay auction system is actually a very good
place to locate all types of test equipment.  The pricing can be very good
too.  go to http://www.ebay-dot-com/  then select Photo & electronics, then Test
Equipment.  I have purchased a number of Tekronix items and manuals for the
same with good results.  Photographs are provided on most of the items.  You
do need a high level of trust when you mail a check off to a stranger, but
it seems to work very well.

There are a large number of signal generators listed each week, try it.

Chuck Curran

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> Wanted:  TC Test Equipment
> Anyone on the list have an older style vacuum tube type RF signal
> they might be interested in parting with?  We accidently backed a pickup
> over our nice old RCA WR-49A last week and totally demolished it.
> The tube type is preferred due to its higher voltage output to drive TCs
> tuning and testing.
> If you have one please contact me off-list with the particulars and price.
> Must be in good operating condition.
> Regards,
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