Re: cap firing voltage scope measurements question

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> <<   John -
>  >  It certainly is a mystery. To charge the cap to 840 watts (joules?) would
> > require 1680 watts input! With a 1000 watt input you have over unity
> > Or am I misreading your test?
> >   John Couture >>
> John,
> I agree with Terry that there's no reason the cap charging should be
> limited to 50% efficiency.  This sounds like another coiling myth.  I
> believe the 840 cap-watts I'm seeing is about right for a 1kW input.
> I'm using a Weston lab type wattmeter for my power measurements.
> The inductive kick mechanism suggested by Malcolm and Richie,
> and discussed by Terry, certainly appears in all ways to explain
> the voltage rise we are seeing.
> John Freau

John(s) and all,

I agree with John Freau here. You'll see no more that 50% efficiency
when charging a capacitor from a voltage source through a resistor.
However, an inductive charging system can approach 100% efficiency since
the circuit consists of only reactive (i.e., lossless) elements. 

-- Bert --