Missed it, missed it, missed it...

Hi All,

	I was running some models of my TC charging system with different cap
values in light of the inductive kick charging thing...

nF	Firing Voltage		Energy/bang

32	16954			4.60J
30	18979			5.40
28	20576			5.93
26	22433!			6.54
24	25321			7.69
22	28604!!			9.00
20	32222			10.38
18	34432!!!!		10.76
6	65325			12.80

I used to run zillions of tests with a 17nF cap and I was surprised!!!  Why
didn't I ever blow the system to bits before??  I went back and plugged the
3.5mS delay into my old models from those times and the voltage shot up to
40kV peak!!!  I used to set the gap firing at the voltage peak back then
which was a 1.24 mS delay.  That may have "saved my bacon"...

I think my little basement (and MOVs) saved me too.  I always limited the
power so as not to arc to the overhead lights.  Since I was using the
actual coil's output as a limit, I never really cranked it up with the
timing set just right to get these giant voltages.  Also, the MOVs in my
system may have silently been saving the neon without my realizing they
were acting.  Apparently, a rotary sync gap mixed with a small primary cap
in a neon system can be a very deadly combination!!  Safety gaps should
save you but if one were to keep opening them up...  Neon (or cap)
destruction would be assured if the timing were set right!  This would
explain why so many sync neon systems of the past have blown up.  Perhaps
LTR systems with neons are not only more powerful but far safer!

WOW!!  I totally missed this effect in all those tests...!  In a way, I
guess I am lucky I did! :-))

I went back and checked my old papers...  There it was, sitting there
staring me in the face!... I missed it, missed it, missed it....  85 volts
peak into the neon and 20+kV coming out...  Missed it, missed it, missed it....


	Terry  - STILL stunned discovering new things about the basic TC...