Re: Arc welders as curent limiters

It's easy to do. Find yourself a "sliding shunt" type of welder (these are
easily identified by a current control which moves smoothly--without
detents--through its range). Then just connect the two hot leads of the
welder in series with the load (check that the welder doesn't connect the
case to anything but the neutral lead to avoid shock). Short the output
terminals of the welder together. I did the shorting with a couple of plug
terminals and a short length of welding cable, and kept the origional plug
on the welder, so I could use the welder for its origional purpose when
need arises.

Ken Donnell

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> Subject: Arc welders as curent limiters
> Date: Sunday, June 20, 1999 11:53 AM
> Original Poster: "Norman F. Stanley" <nfs-at-midcoast-dot-com> 
> I've seen references on this list to the use of arc welders as current
> limiting devices in the primary circuits of large transformers for Tesla
> coil operation.  Although my application is non-TC, I do need to limit
> current drawn by a 12 KVA 206 ro 30V transformer under short circuit
> conditions.  Could some kind soul explain how the welder is hooked up to
> perform this function?  Reply off-list if the subject is too off-topic.
> Thanks.
> Norm